Friday, March 03, 2006

What the hell is the difference

I thought it was really stupid to send a kid to jail for hitting Klein with a pie. They said it was assault. Well Ralphy boy, what you did was assault as well. He says it was an accident. BS. You got mad, you through a book and hit a minor. Where the Hell is the RCMP. If I threw something at a kid and hit them, I would be charged. I don't care what your politics are, whether you support this nut job or not. He committed assault. He needs to be charged. That is how it works. And the victim does not need to press the charges, this is a minor, the charges should be automatic.

Now I rag on the local redneck paper for being Ralph's personal propaganda machine, but this is a quote from the article, "It's good - everything is fine," she told the Sun as she ordered a grilled cheese sandwich in the legislature cafeteria. "I really can't say much." Well, she can't say much eh. Why, is she being threatened? Are her parents towing the party line and getting a pay off? If her parents do not demand charges that would be enough proof for me that they have been bought off. Could you imagine the outcry if some kid working in a fast food restaurant, gets hit by an angry boss. This girl was at work. Her boss hit her. What hell is this world coming to.

He anger around his "third way" really suggests that maybe he has something to hide.


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