Thursday, December 22, 2005

show 36

Murry Chrismoose everyone and to all a Hoppy Moo Year
Run time 31:00
29 mb

First, at the top of the page you will find the link to the Podcast Christmas Carol. Go listen it is great.

We don't have Christmas music like the Big Show but we have a the true story of Santa.

Tonight you get a peek at my childhood. The Santa story I tell in the Fear Monger, is 100 percent true. The fact that you can't find any information on the net is proof that I am telling the truth. We have a little bit of dogs in the new and an ask Kuma question.

I am starting my two week hiatus. I will be back on January 9th. I will be spending some time fixing the show up a little and building a new My week in podcatching sweeper. Don't forget all of the contest I have going. Email us at kuma(at)poddog.ca holycrap(at)poddog.ca.

Have great holiday season, stay safe and make sure you walk your dog.

Daryl and Kuma

Monday, December 19, 2005

Show 35

Wow, try for a short show but come out at...
24 min and 22mb

We only get to listener feedback...
With ZEEandZED
and Crash and Betty
In My week in Podcatching
Electric Sky

We also talk about....
Eban Crawford
The Big Show
The Catfish Show
and The Zedcast

Now just for fun try this, go vote for me at Vital Podcasts
I voted for my self 4 times and moved into 9 in comedy variety

Don't forget the contests and Thursdays show will be very special.

daryl and kuma

Thursday, December 15, 2005

show 34


1. Show notes suck I am fried
2. I do a great deal of therapy in this show.

Links: (Sorry, too many show to link to so look to the right)
Links relating to listener feedback

Link 1
Link 2

This show plays me in show number nine. Nicely done and thank you
I have chosen not to name the links because bots may pick up the wrong words
and I will get spamed.

Also: If you chose to visit, please remember to show respect or at the very least restraint.

This show was a little tough to get done, very tired and lots of phone calls but I hope that you will like it, or at least not hold it against me.


Monday, December 12, 2005

Show 33

Hi all, sorry I didn't show up on Thursday.
New email, holycrap@poddog.ca
Here we go
Mentions, not in order
Shelly's Podcast
Mostly news (with promo), Reaching for lucidity, Big show
Redboy, Cat Fish, Bob and AJ, Mostly Tunes,
Canadian Podcast Buffet
I might have missed some sorry.
We talk about some drunken monkeys
And rant about Christmas
(I re did the above segment because I had gone on for ten minutes, then I go on for ten
minutes in take two.
Horoscopes get a little better
New segment (under construction) Zen and the art of...
Last minute Contests with a real prize this time


Monday, December 05, 2005

show 32

Mondays show goes into the shop so I have this loaner.

16 min 15.5 mb

Intro from the Big Show
Make ammends to Christiana Talks
Saying good by to the Podcast Pirate
Thanx to Jawbone
Todd Lerner

I didn't want to leave you with an empty feed.

don't forgot your questions for Ask Kuma.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Show 31

Damn it is so cold up here

30 min 28mb

Welcome back, I am sorry for asking but...

Rate me at Yahoo


Okay that is out of the way now on with the show.

I mentions....
Mostly News
The Big Show (50 shows, woo hoo)
Christiana Talks about Stuff (I screw up her name but play her promo)
Ten With Tom is getting married
The Catfish Show (sorry about not picking your Halloween costume idea)
Jawbone has the podsafe xmas song
Reaching for Lucidity
Road Rage on hunting
Damn election
Minister of Canadian Culture calls
Dogs in the news
Nikki and Kuma add their two cents
Story one
Story two
Story three
Test drive a possible segment.

Be good, stay safe and don't forget to walk the dog