Thursday, September 29, 2005

show 16

This one is better than show 15 but not as good at 12

This week’s song, Mr. Malcontent by Lloyd Cole

My week in Podcatching
Dicks&Janes Pickle page 2817

The Progressive Rev

Ranting and Panting
Why anti smoking?
Kill rates
Drug Companies 1
Drug Companies 2

Promo The Watt Weekly



More on my hole

That's it, that's all


My Odeo Channel (odeo/7dfc197d98a3110a)

Monday, September 26, 2005

Show 15

A rambling piontless podcast.

New audio processing technics
Big shout out to listener 32
New show Road Rage
and Jimmy Jett
Name that kidney
Kuma has a dream
Aaron from the big show repeat
More trivia
More Dogs in the news
Dog that ate a knife
Nikki's story or the trouble with ex-wifes
Maybe a new pet

This isn't my best work, but I like to put up what I record. Each show I try to get better. This one the content wasn't great but I hope I improve the sound.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Show number 14

Welcome to show 14

Inside Dan Klass's head

My week in Podcatching
The Whislerville Gazette
Riding with the windows down
The K9 Cast
All very good shows

I am not the dogs daddy.

A really bad joke

Lets talk poverty

Diamond Smiles by the Boomtown Rats

New feature

Dogs in the new

5000 dogs and cats
Fake Pets

Don't forget to walk you dog

Monday, September 19, 2005

Double take

Okay, so I sent and email to the bitterest pill about the show and Mr. Klass responded.

"REMOVE THE SHOW? NO. No, no, no."

So it stays hope you like it.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Show Number 13


whoops, It seems that I have been living inside of Dan Klass's head. I listened to his show this mornig and it seems that I covered his show almost exactly. This was an honest mistake but I have give Mr. Klass the option to ask me to pull the show. I will see what happens.


Hi all

No show notes now I been painting and building Ikea furniture all day.


There are some Bush jokes and a rant that leans to the left so conservatives listen with caution.


Friday, September 16, 2005

Kuma's listener pet page

The pet page is here yay!!

Kuma's Listener Pet Page

Hope you like it.

Also, great big new!!!! The Poddog Show has been featured on the Podcast Pickle page. Thank you to everyone at the pickle for the support and a great site. The Pickle is a great place to listen to and find podcasts.

My Pickle Page

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

We've been taken over

The Poddog show is briefly hijacked.

More ramblings on being Canadian

Phone call

Comedy4cast promo

Kuma goes to the vet.

A pretty good one tonight


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Garageband ate my podcast

Okay, so after a not so great day I sat down and recorded a show, not my best, but a show. I did not save before I coverted and the program crashed. So no show until tomorrow. Good news, the new podcast rig is working great and The Big Show is new and so is Mr X

Also, you can check out my My pickle pageDon't forget to check out the pickle main page for some great show. See you tomorrow.

The email for the blog is fixed. I could not figure why I was getting mail in an old account turns out I never updated the blog address. Sorry.

Thanx for the sweeper Aaron and for pinning the map.

Daryl and Kuma

Sunday, September 11, 2005

hi all

Hey everyone, sorry no show tonight. I am going to be upgrading my equipment tomorrow and I seem to be in a bad mood, but don't know why. So look for a show on tuesday night.

Just a note, thanx to everyone who has listen to the shows and to let you know that we are taking suggestions for naming the kidney and the trivia questions still have not been answered. You can answer here or email at poddog(at)poddog.ca.

Have a great monday.

Daryl and Kuma

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Show Number

Sorry this is late, but long weekends screw up my work schedule so I have been alittle busy.

Lookin for feedback

Show notes:

New intro, what do you think. (Yes that really is Kuma)
New equipment
Listener mail
Dog gallery idea
Working in Calgary
Alberta is one hunderd years old.
A peak at my childhood, my god I was geek.
Missing our Stubbies
Global Fest
Kuma wants mail
Zen the cat like to eat pop filters
The lowtech show
Begging for listener feedback, who is listening

My week in PodCatching
Podcast Outlaws
Wack my bush pick for the podcast of the week

I am an Albertan
Albertan to Canadian translation
Politicians fighting with the Homeless
I love being called Canadian
I love the American people
My favorite places on the planet
Good luck Aaron and Jen your a bigger man than I,
Trivia Question

Ongoing saga

Name that kidney
How long does a kidney last

Hopefully a Kuma logo

A slight possibility of a prize, maybe, if I can remember.

Kuma shakes it.

That is it for now

Be good, Be safe and don't forget to walk the dog.

Friday, September 02, 2005

TV, Lover, Mother, Teacher

Hey all. Thanx for the great comments.

Tonights show is a little different.
Guest host Zen the cat

Neil Patrick Harris

Just a little fun tonight.