Monday, April 24, 2006

Poddog Show 60

Podcasting from Calgary, the home of the flames

Show 60 is the end of season three, yes after tonight will will be taking a short break. Just a couple of weeks. We have a voice mail number, 206 203 amuk (2685). If you leave a message during my break, I will put your comments into the feed.
Okay, on with the links...
Oka Zoo is back
We talk about healthcare so check this blog out
Rfl AllAxis Canada Confessions of a DJ Digital Detroit

Music I bought
Black Lab Smeer Gene Love Jezebel Erotics Chance

Other mentions,
Z&Z Dismay King Bonk Sammy Ten with Tom Mrs. b

See ya soon

Daryl and Kuma


Blogger Redboy said...

Please hurry back!

Tuesday, 02 May, 2006  
Blogger mrsbpatriotworld said...

Daryl (and Kuma!)

Enjoy your much deserved offseason break! Recharge those batteries and we'll all still be here when you get back.

Mrs. B

PS.. Thanks for the kind words :-) and I didn't realize that I was logged in with my other ID and that you may not have known who Karen was! Most on the net know me only as Mrs. B so you're not alone!

Sunday, 07 May, 2006  

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